Demonstrating unique properties of new graphene Hall effect sensor

16-06-2020 | Paragraf | Test & Measurement

Paragraf has begun working on partnership with the Magnetic Measurement section at CERN to show how new opportunities for magnetic measurements are found through the unique characteristics of its graphene sensor, especially its negligible planar Hall effect.

The Magnetic Measurements section is in charge of testing magnets for these accelerators employing the latest-available techniques and instruments. High precision and reliable measurements are conducted for many of its ongoing projects. Consequently, the team is always looking out for new sensors and transducers to improve its measurement methods and accuracy.

Simon Thomas, CEO at Paragraf, commented: “This collaboration with CERN demonstrates the potential of graphene-based Hall effect sensors to improve accuracy in magnetic measurement applications. Our Hall effect sensors address key challenges CERN is facing in mapping magnetic fields, namely: highly accurate measurements of local field distributions in accelerator magnets while eliminating artefacts and reducing uncertainties stemming from the sensors.”

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