Bidirectional buck or boost controllers for automotive battery applications

05-06-2020 | Analog Devices | Power

Linear Technology/Analog Devices LTC7871 Bidirectional Buck or Boost Controllers are high-performance switching regulator controllers that function either in buck or boost mode on demand. The buck mode runs from VHIGH to VLOW and boost mode from VLOW to VHIGH depending on the control signal. This makes it excellent for 48V/12V automotive dual battery systems that enable both the batteries to provide energy to the load simultaneously.

The controllers display unique architecture that enables dynamic regulation of input voltage, output voltage, or current. These buck or boost controllers provide SPI compliant serial interface, discontinuous or continuous mode of operation, accurate inductor current monitoring, OV/UV monitors, and overcurrent protection.

The controllers are offered in a 64-pin 10mm x 10mm LQFP package and are AEC-Q100 qualified.

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