PCIe fabric solutions provide greater flexibility and scalability

29-05-2020 | Microchip Technology | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

To support cloud, data centre and hyper-scale computing that facilitates advancements in AI and ML, Microchip Technology has released to production its Switchtec PAX Advanced Fabric Gen 4 PCIe switch family, allowing complex fabric topologies with higher scalability, lower latency, and higher performance than traditional PCIe switches.

The company's Switchtec PAX PCIe family of switches gives a turnkey fabric solution and decreases time-to-market for systems needing multi-host sharing of SR-IOV NVMe SSDs, GPUs and other PCIe endpoints.

The devices are the industry’s lowest-power Gen 4 PCIe switches, significantly decreasing total system power consumption. The family of switches is offered in the following variants: 100-lane, 84-lane, 68-lane, 52-lane, 36-lane and 28-lane.

Applications incorporate GPU workstations, composable General Purpose GPUs fabrics, scalable multi-host systems, SR-IOV-enabled JBOFs, disaggregated systems and rack-scale architectures.

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