Open-source storage engine designed for SSDs and storage class memory

01-05-2020 | Micron | Subs & Systems

Micron Technology has announced what is claimed to be the first open-source, heterogeneous-memory storage engine, created particularly for SSDs and SCM. Legacy storage engines born in the era of HDDs failed to architecturally cater for the expanded performance and decreased latency of next-generation nonvolatile media. HSE, originally developed by the company and now offered to the open-source community, is perfect for developers utilising all-flash infrastructure who need the benefits of open-source software, including the capability to customise or enhance code for their unique use cases.

“As the only company developing storage class memory, flash and DRAM technologies, Micron is uniquely positioned to build a software stack that accelerates applications running in today’s flash-based storage environments as well as storage class memory-based infrastructure of the future,” said Derek Dicker, corporate vice president and general manager of the Storage Business Unit at Micron. “We have delivered a first-of-its-kind innovation for open-source storage developers, unlocking the full potential of high-performance storage applications.”

“We see enormous potential in the technologies being introduced by Micron, especially as it takes an innovative approach in lowering the latency between compute, memory and storage resources,” said Stefanie Chiras, vice president and general manager of Red Hat Enterprise Linux at Red Hat. “We look forward to working with Micron in the open-source community to further build out these innovations, ultimately bringing new choices to the storage world derived from open standards and concepts.”

By Natasha Shek