Half-brick DC-DC converter with buck-boost topology

19-05-2020 | Rutronik | Power

The Recom buck-boost converter RBBA3000 in a half-brick package provides up to 3kW output power with a conversion efficiency of 98%. The device is now available from Rutronik UK. The device is baseplate-cooled and provides individual programming of the output voltage and the maximum current.

With an input range of 9-60VDC, the non-isolated DC-DC converter reaches a maximum of 3kW output power. With a single resistor or, by an external voltage, it can program the output voltage independently in a range of 0-60VDC as well as the maximum current between 0-50A. Due to the buck-boost topology, the output voltage is able to be set lower or higher than the input voltage.

When appropriately cooled, the device gives full power in an operating temperature range of -40C up to +85C. A current share pin enables the monitoring of the load current and can also be utilised to parallel two modules. In this way, up to 100A output with active load balancing can be achieved. The buck-boost converter satisfies EMC standards EN55024 and EN55032 class A and B with an external filter. The device is ideal for applications including 48V-to-24V or 12V-to-24V battery power conversion, high power laboratory DC power supplies, electric vehicle voltage regulators and battery voltage stabilisers.

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