Extending collaboration on Wi-Fi 6 solutions

13-05-2020 | Airspan Networks | New Technologies

Airspan Networks has announced its collaboration with ON Semiconductor, driving energy efficient innovations, to capitalise on its industry-leading Wi-Fi 6 performance solutions, including the QCS-AX, for FWA applications.

Next-generation Airspan solutions will employ ON Semiconductor’s QCS-AX Wi-Fi 6 family of chipsets. These devices will expand the benefits of the new standard comprising the extra spectrum in the 6GHz band. The OFDMA-based 8x8 beamforming technology will particularly enhance noise immunity while allowing high-spectral efficiency and achieving multi-gigabit capacities, benefiting from the 160MHz channels with modulation rates of 1024QAM.

“We are excited to continue expanding on our existing collaboration with ON Semiconductor to deliver solutions to the market that offer an accelerated ROI with advantageous price/performance while guaranteeing network reliability with high capacity to complement our 5G deployment efforts”, said Eric Stonestrom, CEO, Airspan Networks.

“The FWA innovation has expanded Wi-Fi use case into outdoor space. By leveraging Wi-Fi 6 to offload LTE/5G networks, end consumers can expect fast and seamless connectivity. We are thrilled to continue working with Airspan to bring new connectivity to underserved markets,” said Irvind Ghai, VP marketing, Quantenna Connectivity Solutions at ON Semiconductor.

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