Environmentally lighting transformers for low voltage systems

22-05-2020 | Signal Transformer | Lighting Technologies

Signal Transformer has released their latest products for the lighting industry, the Lighting Transformer (LT) Series. The compact components provide SELV outputs created for industries and OEM installations of landscape, track, recessed and LED lighting, as well as security systems, in the commercial, consumer and industrial sectors.

When SELV outputs are needed to run control equipment and other electronic devices, a step-down transformer is required to convert from 120V or 277V to 12V. Providing a safer work environment, the SELV isolation provided by the series removes potential shock hazards. The LT277-50-12 is ideal for 480V, three-phase four-wire systems, where line voltage to neutral is equal to single-phase 277V 50/60 Hz. The LT120-50-12 is intended for single-phase 120V 50/60Hz supplies.

The series is simple to mount and can be hardwired by standard 1/2" conduit hardware and a straight box connection. The company's design features a corrosion-resistant surface coating that is environmentally resilient, with insulation Class B 130C 1446. All the lead connections are 18AWG UL 1015. The series is UL recognised to North American Harmonised standards: UL5085-1-2 and CSA C22.2 No. 66.

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