Double ridge waveguide switches support wide broadband frequencies

15-05-2020 | Fairview Microwave | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Fairview Microwave offers a new series of double ridge waveguide electromechanical relay switches that perform over wider frequency bands. They are excellent for applications including electronic defence, electronic countermeasures, VSAT, radar, microwave radio, research and development, and test instrumentation.

The company's new comprehensive line of switches includes 12 models that provide broadband multi-octave frequency coverage spanning 6.5GHz to 40GHz, latching self-cut-off actuators, TTL logic, and position indicators with manual override. They are provided in SPDT and optional DPDT configurations and support WRD-650, WRD-750 and WRD-180 waveguide sizes. These designs produce a highly desirable performance that incorporates 80dB isolation, 2.5dB insertion loss and up to 8.5kW power handling capability.

“Typically, suppliers require a 16 -20+ week lead time and minimum order quantities (MOQs) for these types of products. With this in-stock product line, we’re able to provide RF designers a comprehensive selection of broader-band, double ridge waveguide electromechanical switch designs for urgent proof-of-concept or prototype applications, with no MOQ,” said Tim Galla, product line manager.

These fully-weatherised, rugged, mil-grade packages support an environmentally-sealed quick-connect DC-control connector with mate. They are created for 100% humidity exposure across a -40C to +85C operating temperatures.

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