Digital RF step attenuators designed for new Wi-Fi 6 applications

28-05-2020 | Vaunix | Subs & Systems

Vaunix has released a new suite of solid-state digital step attenuators that produce ultra-fine resolution for Wi-Fi 6 applications varying from as low as 200MHz to the latest Wi-Fi 6 allocations in the 6,000MHz to 8,000MHz ( 8GHz ) C-band range.

A flagship model is the company's portfolio is the LDA-802EH Lab Brick Attenuator. This solid-state, rugged and low-cost 50Ohm step attenuator is a bi-directional RF attenuation solution providing an optimal 120dB of attenuation control over its complete bandwidth up to 8GHz. It also provides an impressive 0.1dB step size.

The device is powered and programmed by a USB connection, with Ethernet control available on request. USB Lab Bricks employ a native USB HID interface to evade the difficulties inherent in adopting older serial or IEEE-488 interfaces implemented over USB. Subsequently, users get to work faster without needing to install kernel-level drivers and are able to work within any environment that supports USB HID devices, incorporating low cost embedded computers utilising Linux or similar operating systems. Test technicians wanting to develop their own interface can employ the company's included LabVIEW drivers, Windows API DLL files, Linux drivers, macOS SDK examples, and more.

These portable and programmable RF/microwave test devices have been created to satisfy the high-speed data demands of Wi-Fi 6 but also answer the challenging necessities of MIMO testing applications and a mixture of IoT, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, and DVB system applications, and microwave radio simulators.

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