Ultra-tiny MOSFETs offer an easy-to-use package for wearables

27-04-2020 | Nexperia | Power

Nexperia has released a range of MOSFETs in the ultra-small DFN0606 package for mobile and portable applications including wearables. The devices also provide the lowest RDS(on) for their size and employ the commonly used pitch of 0.35mm to ease PCB assembly processes.

With a footprint of only 0.62mm x 0.62mm, the PMH family of MOSFETs provides a space-saving of over 36% in comparison to past-generation DFN1006 parts. Due to advanced process technology, the new devices provide what is claimed to be the lowest RDS(on) in the market, with more than 60% reduction in comparison to competitor devices, superior ESD performance, and VGS low voltage threshold down to 0.7V, an essential parameter for portable applications with low drive voltage.

Sandy Wang, Nexperia’s product manager, commented: “The latest generation of wearables continues to push boundaries in consumer technology. The evolution of smart-phones, smart-watches, fitness trackers and other innovations requires miniaturised MOSFETs that provide leading performance and efficiency for an ever-growing list of complex functions. Nexperia has a high-volume production capacity for these devices and the manufacturing footprint to upscale for the most demanding of markets."