Surge protection line with isolation transformers for medical applications

17-04-2020 | Transtector | Power

Transtector Systems has launched a new series of data isolators optimised for medical applications, offering a highly effective layer of protection that is easy to install.

Also known as isolation transformers, these cost-effective components are completely self-contained devices that defend valuable network equipment and personnel from damaging surges and power irregularities that often occur over network cabling. Installation and operation are fast, easy and efficient – simply plug the device inline between two 10/100/1000 Ethernet cables and equipment on either end is adequately protected.

Each unit is fully RoHS compliant and certified to satisfy the EN60601-1 European Medical Device Directive, making them excellent for hospital and medical laboratory environments.

“These are mission-critical applications that require an uninterrupted flow of data,” said Dan Rebeck, product line manager for Transtector. “The new data isolators are a simple, effective way to build in a reliable layer of surge protection.”

By Natasha Shek