Polarisation assists in revealing details that remain hidden to other sensors

07-04-2020 | IDS | Test & Measurement

IDS has added 5MP polarisation cameras to its product portfolio. The uEye CP camera with polarisation sensor that makes details visible that remain hidden to other image sensors. The company now provides the IMX250MZR 5MP sensor from SONY with integrated on-pixel polarisers in the uEye CP camera family. The models provide better object detection in situations of low contrast or light reflections. They also present a convenient way of detecting fine scratches on surfaces or the stress distribution in transparent objects.

Both USB3 Vision and GigE Vision are offered as interfaces. Employing polarisation filters, the sensor produces an image with four polarisation directions in a single image. Based on the intensity of every directional polarisation, the polarisation angle and the degree of polarisation can be resolved. This makes it versatile, for example, when checking residues on surfaces prior to further processing or for eliminating reflections for traffic monitoring.

With dimensions of just 29mm x 29mm x 29mm, the models are excellent for space-critical applications. Screwable cables also assure a reliable electrical connection.

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