Next generation proximity sensors for GAPS and HAPS

22-04-2020 | TTI Europe | Test & Measurement

Honeywell has two new platforms of proximity sensors: General Aerospace Proximity Sensors (GAPS) and Harsh Aerospace Proximity Sensors (HAPS), formerly known as the IHM Series. Both platforms incorporate Honeywell’s patented Integrated Health Monitoring functionality. The products are available now from TTI Europe. However, the products have some technical differences that allow them to be employed in various aerospace applications.

GAPS can be used in less harsh areas of application with some differences in electrical and environmental characteristics when compared to HAPS. While, HAPS Aerospace Proximity Sensors are configurable, non-contact, hermetically sealed devices created to sense the presence or absence of a target in harsh-duty aircraft applications.

Typical applications for GAPS include landing gear, aircraft doors, hydraulics, primary flying surfaces, rear stabilizer, general actuators, airframe, rotary actuators, evacuation slides, cargo storage, and turbine speed/air condition motors; and for HAPS include thrust reverser actuation systems, valves, engine, actuators, nacelles, canopies, ground vehicles, transportation, and oil and gas.

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