New line of cables minimise the taping of connectors saving time

24-04-2020 | KP Performance Antennas | Subs & Systems

KP Performance Antennas offers a new series of cables with rubber boots that are perfect for installations in tight areas where it is tricky to tape individual connectors.

The company's new line of N-type male and RP-SMA male cables comprises seven models with rubber boots to completely cover the connectors and give an extra level of weatherproofing protection. This feature lessens time to tower by reducing the taping of connectors. These white rubber boots are UV-resistant, rated from -40C to +65C and are created to last in the most difficult environments.

“The rubber boots on these cables provide further protection against rain and dust ingress, reducing the time needed to tape connectors, which can also be a life saver in tight spaces where it’s difficult to tape individual connectors,” said Ken Izatt, antenna product line manager.

In this line, the RP-SMA to N-male and N-male to N-male LMR 195 cables with boots are available in 8", 18" and 24" lengths. Also offered as two-pack options are N-male to RP-SMA LMR 195, 8" cables with boots, and N-male to N-male LL142, 12" cables with boots for high-frequency operation up to 12GHz.

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