Multipurpose enclosures feature integral PCB slots and lids

06-04-2020 | BCL Enclosures | Subs & Systems

BCL Enclosures MB Series is a multipurpose ABS enclosure series with lids especially created to be flexible and customisable to satisfy multiple applications. All but one model has internal PCB slots (ribs) to retain PCBs securely.

The lids are securely held with M3.5 countersunk screws into brass inserts for a neat finish. This professional-looking series can simply be punched or drilled to suit different applications.

Eight different models are offered in the series: MB1 measures 79mm x 61mm with a height of 40mm; MB2 measures 100mm x 76mm x 41mm; MB3 is 118mm x 98mm x 45mm. These three models have a nominal wall thickness of 1.5mm. MB4 measures 216mm x 130mm x 85mm, with a nominal wall thickness of 4.0mm; MB5 is 150mm x 100mm x 60mm with a nominal wall thickness of 2.5mm. All these models feature slots for retaining multiple PCBs. The dimension of MB6 is larger at 220mm x 150mm x 64mm, nominal wall thickness is 3mm, with no internal ribs. The two remaining models are the MB7 at 177mm x 120mm x 83mm and MB8 measuring 150mm x 80mm x 50mm. Both of these enclosures have a nominal wall thickness of 2.5mm. Rib spacing measurements can be seen on the datasheet for the series, freely downloadable on the company website.

Offered in black, white or light grey as standard, all except MB4, MB6 and MB7 have a polished finish – the others are matt. The series can also be provided in other RAL colours on request. Customisation of the series, including screen printing of logos, drilling and punching, is available.

By Natasha Shek