Demo circuit for demonstrating features of low IQ Boost/SEPIC/inverting converters

14-04-2020 | Analog Devices | Design & Manufacture

Linear Technology/Analog Devices DC2838A Demo Circuit for the LT8365 is created to demonstrate the features of the LT8365 low IQ Boost/SEPIC/inverting converters.

This demo circuit is intended to convert a 9V to 30V source to 250V, with a 10mA output current and runs with a 400kHz switching frequency. The demo circuit provides an optional third charge pump stage for applications requiring higher output voltages. This demo circuit features default Burst Mode operation and JP1 selectable jumper to assist in the selection of the desired sync pin mode of operation. The layout of the demo circuit is optimised for good EMI performance and small solution size.

The demo circuit contains an optional third charge pump stage for applications needing higher output voltages. The device provides a 77% efficiency.

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