New brushed DC motor driver IC with wide operating voltage range

12-03-2020 | Toshiba | Semiconductors

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has created a new device to its line-up of single-channel brushed DC motor driver ICs. Contained in a small HSOP8 package with popular pin-assignment, the new IC improves product sourcing opportunities and provides a convenient non-latching overcurrent detection.

The new TB67H451FNG IC can drive brushed DC motors and supports many applications including battery-powered devices and further devices with a 5V USB power supply. It is also fit for use with many 12-36V industrial devices, home appliances includes coffee machines and robotic vacuum cleaners, fiscal printers, and electronic door locks that need a high-current drive of up to 3.5A.

The device can operate from a broad range of input voltages, from 4.5V to 44V. The maximum motor drive output current is 3A at 44V, and a number of protection mechanisms are built-in to the device including UVLO, auto-return thermal shut down and non-latching OCP.

OCP is a safety function that stops damage to the IC by turning off the output when the output current passes the pre-set threshold level. The company's current solution provides a latching overcurrent detection, where output is turned off indefinitely until a power cycle or entering and leaving the standby mode.

Housed in a 4.9mm x 6mm surface-mount type HSOP8 package, the IC delivers space-saving and yet good heat dissipation through the package thermal pad design.

By Natasha Shek