High-performing SAN components range for hygiene environments

27-03-2020 | Elesa | Subs & Systems

With the current Coronavirus-dominated social landscape, contact infection is a daily concern; with frequent handwashing recommended to break the onward transmission from touching handles and other equipment. Elesa provides an effective aid to hygiene, with its recently expanded high-performing SAN (sanitary) range of handles, levers, knobs, clamping handles and similar, created with exactly this situation in mind. Its range expansion comprises new cylindrical handles, e.g. for operating handwheels, adjustable clamping handles, knurled grip knobs, wing nuts and solid hand knobs – all suitable for equipment operation or adjustment.

The company's manufacturing team have developed a sophisticated injection-moulding material with silver inclusion, and with stainless steel inserts, ideal for employment even in sterilisation cycles up to 130C. SAN line components are offered in white or black with SAN logo laser engraved to clearly identify them.

Tests on material samples to ISO 22196:2011 exhibit significant effectiveness for four distinct types of bacteria and the more difficult to eradicate fungus: Escherichia Coli – 99.9%, Staphylococcus Aureus - 99.9%, Klebseilla Pneumoniae – 99.8%, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa – 99.9% and Candida Albicans – 98.9%.

The company focus on making its own tooling and moulds, also developing and testing materials with major suppliers.

By Natasha Shek