Flow sensors used in industry-leading hospital-to-home ventilators

26-03-2020 | Sensirion | Test & Measurement

With Sensirion's SFM3xxx flow platform, the handling of versatile ventilation devices for home care, intensive care, newborns and adults is facilitated for both hospital staff and patients. This enables easier adaptation to a changed environment.

Global leaders in healthcare technology are taking note and adopting the company's technology in their industry-leading respiratory solutions. Philips' Trilogy Evo is claimed to be the only portable life support ventilator platform created to stay with patients to give consistent therapy and monitoring as they change care environments (in hospital, at home or on the road) and when their condition changes. The new ventilator supports both non-invasive and invasive ventilation with added sensitivity for an extensive range of adult and pediatric patients.

Both the active flow circuit and the dual limb circuit make use of the company's proximal flow sensor that comes in two sizes tailored to the needs of adults and paediatrics/infants. The autoclavable and single-use SFM3300 and SFM3400 sensors are accurate, robust and fully calibrated and, therefore the first choice for proximal flow measurement. The internal flow control unit of Trilogy Evo relies on yet another of the company's sensor, the SFM3200. The special design of its flow channel results in a very low-pressure drop through the flow body of the sensor, making it the ideal choice for medical ventilation. The interaction of Philips' ventilator with Sensirion's sensors facilitates coordinated care in a dynamic environment.

By Natasha Shek