Expansion module for dual-channel 14-Bit ADCs

26-03-2020 | RS Components | Semiconductors

The Zmod ADC is one of Digilent's first SYZYGY-compliant expansion modules, which are available now from RS Components. The SYZYGY standard provides a much higher speed/bandwidth digital interface than Pmods, but at a far smaller and lower-cost form-factor than FMC, allowing the user to configure an FPGA development board with the right I/O for their application.

Driven by the SYZYGY carrier, the Zmod ADC can receive two simultaneous signals (1MOhm, ±25V, single-ended, 14-bit, 100MS/s, 70MHz+ bandwidth). Analog inputs can be connected to a circuit employing SMA cables.

When linked to a base board using SYZYGY expansion, such as the Eclypse Z7 or Genesys ZU, the combination will work as a powerful prototyping platform for instrumentation, high-speed control, and SDR products. By utilising these expansion abilities, users can fill more time on the analytical and system-level aspects of the solution rather than needing to focus on the component-level interactions of the devices.

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