Expanded automotive switch series provides superior operating feel

19-03-2020 | Alps | Automotive Technologies

Alps Alpine offers a new model, with 5N operating force and 1.04mm travel, to its SKSU Series compact, middle-stroke TACT Switch lineup which is ideal for automotive use.

The company has responded to the needs of the market and customers with the addition of a new model for its SKSU Series of compact and quiet TACT Switch products. The SKSUBBE010 provides a 1.04mm travel, at the longer end of the middle stroke range, and a comparatively heavy 5N operating force. These properties both enhance clarity, serving to stop accidental operation and impress with a superior operating feel. The device also includes a pre-stroke design helping to prevent rattling while combined into the end product.

Because the series has mounting compatibility with the existing SKTQ Series, clients utilising an existing product can select the best operating character for their vehicle brand without needing to modify the board design.

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