Automotive single-channel LED driver provides low-cost monolithic solution

31-03-2020 | Texas Instruments | Lighting Technologies

With LEDs being extensively employed in automotive applications, simple LED drivers are becoming more popular. Compared to discrete solutions, a low-cost monolithic solution lowers system-level component count and significantly improves current accuracy and reliability.

The Texas Instruments TPS92613-Q1 device is a single-channel, high-side LED driver running from a car battery. It is a simple, yet elegant solution to achieve constant current for a single LED string with complete LED diagnostics. The one-fails–all-fail feature is capable of working together with other LED drivers, such as the TPS9261x-Q1, TPS9263x-Q1, and TPS92830-Q1 devices, of meeting different demands.

Typical applications comprise interior lighting: dome light, reading lamp; door handle, blind-spot detection indicator, charging inlet; rear lamp, centre high-mounted stop lamp, side marker; and general-purpose LED driver applications.

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