Accelerate development of smart home products with support for ACS device SDKs

02-03-2020 | Nordic | Subs & Systems

Nordic Semiconductor has announced it is working with Amazon Common Software (ACS) to help expedite the development of smart home and other wireless products.

ACS offers a single, unified API integration layer for multiple Amazon SDKs. This comprises providing components that are pre-validated and memory-optimised for common smart home product functionalities.

Amazon says ACS is intended to benefit any developer constructing products using the company's SDKs by providing them with the capability to employ pre-built, pre-hardened, and pre-validated software components. This will accelerate the integration of these SDKs and help decrease both development and maintenance cost.

Nordic Semiconductor aims to offer and maintain a DPK for its wireless chips that enable them to be simply and natively integrated into ACS as one of its reference platforms. The first DPKs will be based on Bluetooth LE, with other wireless technologies to come in the future.

"We're happy that Amazon recognises the value that Nordic Semiconductor brings through our multiple award-winning wireless chips and extensive customer base," says Kjetil Holstad, director of product management at Nordic Semiconductor. "Our market-leading nRF52 Series and the newly released nRF53 Series Bluetooth LE devices all offer very low power consumption, stellar security performance, and a high amount of on-chip memory which makes them perfect for the type of advanced smart home products Amazon envisions for their ACS initiative. We're looking forward to working with Amazon and the device makers using their services to build some great new applications."

By Natasha Shek