High-voltage step-down switcher offers exceptional dynamic performance

06-02-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Diodes Incorporated AL17150-10B High-Voltage Step-Down Switcher is a universal high voltage input step-down regulator that gives an accurate CV. The device is available now from Mouser. The switcher also offers exceptional dynamic performance without needing an optocoupler over the line and load regulation.

The device integrates a 500V/1A MOSFET that enables it to use fewer external components and create a low BOM cost solution. The switcher can provide up to 300mA output current and lower than 50mW standby power, which is suitable for IoT connected lighting devices. The device delivers excellent regulation and high power efficiency.

The characteristics of max peak current and driving frequency differ as the load changes, which can get great efficiency performance at light load and enhance the overall average efficiency. The device has rich protection features to improve system safety and reliability. It has Over Temperature Protection, VCC Under Voltage Lock function, Output Short Protection, Over Load Protection, and Open Loop Protection.

Typical applications are offline low power applications, including connected LED lighting power supply for micro-controllers and other IoT applications.

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