Hall effect rotary position sensor ideal for continuous rotation applications

14-02-2020 | TTI Europe | Test & Measurement

The models 9360/9960 Hall-effect rotary position sensors from Sensata/BEI Sensors are offered in many standard configurations. Available configurations include seven termination options, single or dual outputs and 24 active electrical angles. With 360-degree turn capability, the sensors can be employed over a large range of rotary motion applications, making it remarkably versatile.

The rugged design is suited for continuous rotation applications where reliability and durability are crucial. This combination of magnet, sensor and sealed packaging provides outstanding temperature stability and corrosion resistance. The sensor is able to be configured for analog (voltage) or PWM output. These programmability features are configured at the factory and provide for greater flexibility in creating custom limited electrical angle outputs with short turnaround times.

The sensors are ideal for a variety of applications in harsh environments, including steering and pedal positioning for construction, agriculture and mining vehicles; marine steering and speed control; wheel and throttle position for material handling equipment; and valve position for process control.

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