Extremely small capacitor for mobile applications

18-02-2020 | Murata | Passives

Murata has released a new multilayer ceramic capacitor that is claimed to be the smallest available anywhere around the globe.

As portable devices such as hearing aids, smartphones, wearable technology and other modules grow to be increasingly multifunctional and more compact, so the need for higher circuit densities is increasing among electronic engineers.

The 100nF (0.1µF) capacitors in the company's new GRM011 series satisfy this requirement. Housed in a 008004 (0201M) package measuring only 0.25mm x 0.125mm x 0.125mm, these devices are 80% smaller than conventional 0402M devices and approximately 50% smaller than currently available products.

The MLCCs are built with fine particle technology and high precision lamination and, notwithstanding their small size, are ideal for rugged applications as they can operate at temperatures ranging from -55C to +105C.

The three devices (GRM011C80E104ME01, GRM011R60G104ME01 and GRM011R60J104ME01) offer rated voltages of 2.5VDC, 4VDC and 6.3VDC respectively. The GRM011C80E104ME01 has EIA X6S temperature characteristics while the other two devices are X5R.

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