ESD protection for high-speed circuits

19-02-2020 | AVX Limited | Power

Employing the latest in TVS Technology coupled with a unique leadless package, the GiGuard series of ESD Suppression Diodes provides clamping voltages below 12V and cap values as low as 0.3pfd. This blend of excellence both shields sensitive ICs through ESD events and maintains the integrity of the protected high-speed signals. The series fits ideally onto the same PCB solder pads as standard EIA 0201/0402 components.

The series complies with IEC 61000-4-2(ESD), Level 4+ (±20kV air, ±20kV contact discharge), IEC 61000-4-4 (electrical fast transient -EFT) (20A, 5/50 ns), very fast charged device model ESD and cable discharge event.

Dean Beckley, global business manager, AVX commented: "featuring a unique leadless design that fits perfectly on standard 0201 and 0402 SMP solder pad layouts and electrical performance characteristics specially designed to suit high-speed data and signal applications, GiGuard Series diodes deliver outstanding ESD protection while preserving critical board space."

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