Data acquisition system for managing high-voltage battery modules

26-02-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Power

The Maxim MAX17823B High Voltage Data Acquisition System, available now from Mouser, is for the management of high-voltage battery modules.

The system provides a 12-bit SAR ADC that is able to measure 12 cell voltages and two temperatures in 161μs. The device includes 12 internal switches for cell-balancing and extensive built-in diagnostics. Up to 32 devices are able to be daisy-chained together to manage 384 cells and monitor 64 temperatures. Cell voltages of (0V to 5V) are measured differentially over a 65V common-mode range. Cell measurements offer a typical accuracy of 2mV (3.6V cell, 25C). If oversampling is enabled, up to 128 measurements per channel are able to be averaged internally with 14-bit resolution. The system can shut itself down in the event of a thermal overload by measuring its die temperature.

The system uses the company's battery-management UART protocol for robust communications, and when used in conjunction with the MAX17880 12-channel battery monitor, it is excellent for automotive battery-management systems that need a high safety integrity level which includes EVs, HEVs, electric bikes, UPS, super-cap systems, and battery-powered tools.

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