AC/DC power supply series provides unique shielding and filtering

05-02-2020 | New Yorker Electronics | Power

New Yorker Electronics now offers the new RDI 20W Modular AC/DC Compact PCB Mount Power Supply series. This new series from RDI Our AC/DC power supplies supports up to 300VAC input with operating ambient temperature of -40C to +85C, providing up to 20W continuous output power.

The first model, the AW-0504-PNL, produces 5VDC at 4A and its counterpart the AW-1204-PNL delivers 12VDC at 1.8A. Both offer a unique RF-friendly shielded case that dramatically decreases emissions. This allows close proximity placement to RF circuits and antennas. To ensure conducted and radiated emissions do not interfere with Wireless Connectivity, the company designed the shielding and filtering over and above regulatory demands, especially the LTE bands.

The company developed these new power supply products to address the broad AC voltage and environmental issues faced in the municipal and Industrial IoT markets and to facilitate the embedding of the power supply directly on the PCB.

Both power supply models are compact in size (52.4mm L x 27.2mm W x 24mm H) and were manufactured with protection against short circuit, overload, over voltage and over temperature. They offer high reliability with a one-year warranty.

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