Ultra-low dropout linear LED driver extends lighting strips

10-01-2020 | Diodes Inc | Lighting Technologies

Diodes Incorporated has announced the BCR430UW6 linear LED driver providing ultra-low dropout voltage and constant current regulation between 5mA and 100mA. This combination enables more LEDs to be driven from a low supply voltage, making the device ideal for applications that need multiple LEDs to work together, such as signage illumination and architectural lighting for commercial and retail installations.

The ultra-low dropout voltage of 115mV and low operating current of just 285μA gives a higher level of system efficiency and scope to drive further LEDs per string reliably. These factors are especially important in applications where the properties of the lighting are crucial to the user experience, such as signage and architectural illumination.

With an adjustable output current level between 5mA and 100mA, the device can offer greater flexibility, enabling a single design to be employed to drive various LED configurations. The output is extremely stable, held at ±5% over temperature variations and supply voltage fluctuations. This stability gives a uniform output lighting level under all operating conditions.

Other advanced features incorporate PWM-based dimming, an operating voltage range of 5V to 42V, and support for parallel operation to increase the regulated output current even further.

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