Synchronous buck converters design is optimised for EMI reduction

06-01-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Diodes Incorporated AP63356/57 Synchronous Buck Converters, available now from Mouser, feature 3.5A continuous output current with a 3.8V to 32V wide input range. These converters give high-efficiency step-down DC-DC conversion through full integration of 74mOhm high-side power MOSFET with a 40mOhm low-side power MOSFET. The design of these converters is optimised for EMI reduction, and a proprietary gate driver scheme resists switching-node ringing without sacrificing MOSFET turn-on/off times. This decreases high-frequency radiated EMI noise caused by MOSFET switching.

The Ap63356 provides PWM regardless of output load, whereas the AP63357 supports PFM with up to 86% efficiency @5mA light-load. These buck converters exhibit a protection circuitry that includes UVLO, Output UVP, cycle-by-cycle peak current limit, and thermal shutdown. The synchronous buck converters are supplied in an industrial standard 3mm x 2mm V-DFN3020-13 package.

Typical applications include distributed power supplies, flat-screen TVs and monitors, home audio, network systems, gaming consoles, power tools, laser printers, and consumer electronics.

By Natasha Shek