Smart sensor is precision-engineered for scanning specular surfaces

28-01-2020 | LMI Technologies | Test & Measurement

LMI Technologies has announced its Gocator 2512 3D laser line profile sensor, precision-engineered for scanning glass and specular surfaces, has been awarded Top Innovation 2020 by trade journal inVision.

The Gocator 2512 sensor was selected by jurors for its unique ability to scan specular and diffuse surfaces simultaneously. This is a valuable ability in cell phone display assembly inspection where various types of specular materials are present. In this precise application, the sensor is capable of generating a precision 3D scan of the cell phone display glass in a surrounding plastic or metal frame, then provide robust measurement and inspection of crucial assembly tolerances such as gap, flushness, and offset.

Also, the sensor employs specialised laser projection technology to provide the sensor with the flexibility to handle an extensive range of surface angles, material types, and surface colours, which assists manufacturers to reduce system downtime and operational costs incurred by many production cell changeover.

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