Rotary backlock connectors ideal for any devices with a digital display

03-01-2020 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Omron's XF2M and XF3M range are connectors, available now from TTI Europe, are intended to connect flexible PBCs with its Rotary Backlock technology. The XF2M range is offered with 0.5mm contact pitch, XF3M range is offered with 0.5mm and 1mm contact pitch. Due to their individual features, these connectors are excellent for any devices with a digital display.

A rotary latch is independent of the FPC/FFC socket, so the latch will not release if the FPC/FFC is lifted. The device offers dual contact, consequently, there is no need to distinguish between the upper and lower FPC connection. The device is supplied with the rotary latch open, reducing assembly steps. The connectors are provided with both gold-plated or tin-plated insertion.

These connectors are ideal for a wide range of applications, including mobile devices, computer products/peripherals, home electronics, home appliances, industrial application, gaming equipment, and building automation.

By Natasha Shek