Inductor-free Class-D audio amplifiers have a fast turn-on time

06-01-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TPA3139D2 Inductor-free Class-D Audio Amplifiers provide a fast turn-on time (15ms) as well as a MUTE function to swiftly power up while evading pop. The built-in spread spectrum control scheme efficiently suppresses EMI and allows the usage of ferrite beads instead of inductors for ≤2 x 10W applications.

The amplifiers consume low idle current of only 20mA (12V) and can operate down to 3.5V, providing for longer audio playback. The device is provided in a small, 4mm x 4mm2 QFN package making it optimised for 2-cell or 3-cell battery-powered systems with space constraints.

The device further eases the design by integrating essential protection features. These include Undervoltage, overvoltage, power limit, short circuit, overtemperature, and DC speaker protection. All of these protections support automatic recovery.

Typical applications include mobile, portable radios; notebooks; Bluetooth speakers and wireless speakers; smart home appliance; and TVs and monitors.

By Natasha Shek