Flip-type MLCCs in 0510 design now available

29-01-2020 | TDK | Passives

TDK Corporation has developed the new CGAE series, claimed to be the world’s first flip-type MLCCs in 0510 design (EIA 0204) with capacitances of up to 1µF for automotive applications. Depending on their capacitance, the capacitors are intended for rated voltages of between 4V and 50V covering a capacitance range from 47nF to 1µF. All types of the new series are qualified in accordance with AEC-Q200.

In contrast to conventional MLCCs, the connections on the flip-type capacitors are rotated through 90 degrees. This creates a broader and, at the same time, shorter current path, which produces lower ESL and ESR values, and therefore, lower impedances.

Due to the high efficiency of the new capacitors in noise suppression and decoupling, the number of MLCCs needed can be decreased. The company will, in future, develop even better capacitance values, so that it can increase the product range and serve the increasing number of automotive applications.

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