External hinges for enclosure doors to equipment safety cut-off

03-01-2020 | Elesa | Subs & Systems

Elesa announced that their wide range of hinges and connection products continues to diversify to satisfy customer needs.

The company's wide range of hinges and connections in plastic or metal stretches across standard products in technopolymer and SUPER-technoploymer, zinc die-cast alloy, aluminium and stainless steel. There are many varying types of fixing, angles of rotation and load capacity. The data sheets for plastic hinges provide exact values of performance to allow selection of the correct model and size.

Various alternatives of external butt-type hinges are increased with automatic return, detent and adjustable models. Further features make sure each hinge is fit for each application with safety cut-off, lock facility, compatibility with aluminium frames, friction resistance, hinge adaptors and frame component accessories to enable easier assembly.

The company's website provides an online configurator which enables customers to verify the suitability of the hinge selected, concerning the loads under real operating conditions, as well as a guide including some pointers to the correct application of plastic hinges or steel hinges. The company also presents a variety of hinges manufactured in the new colour next to traditional black: grey RAL 7040, created to blend the tone of the component with that of the aluminium profiles on which they are installed. Also provided is the range of metal hinges, comprising stainless steel hinges that enable a high corrosion resistance for employment in environments subjected to frequent washing and cleaning cycles.

By Natasha Shek