Connectors provide a new high-performance physical interface

23-01-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Samtec PCI/104-Express Standard Connectors, available now from Mouser, follow the PCI/104-Express standard specifications and are offered in Q2(QMS/QFS) standard and OneBank-Q2(QMS/QFS) variants. The PCI/104-Express specification sets a standard to employ a high-speed PCI Express bus in embedded applications. The PC/104 Consortium selected PCI Express with its full PC market adoption, performance, scalability, and growing silicon availability worldwide. This affords a new high-performance physical interface while maintaining software compatibility with current PCI infrastructure.

These standard connectors are supplied in three banks (156 pins) orientation for module stacking. The Q2 QMS/QFS standard connectors are specifically designed with a 15.24mm stack height for top and bottom stacking. These connectors have triple the wipe of high-speed mezzanine interconnects making it suitable for rugged applications.

The connectors are created to provide system designers excellent control over PCB real estate. This OneBank standard is specialised with single-bank Q2 connectors that mate to the traditional three-bank connectors. These OneBank-Q2 QMS/QFS standard connectors are created with both 15.24mm and 22mm stack heights.

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