Compact safety switch incorporates integrated RFID transponder technology

03-01-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Phoenix Contact PSR Switch is a non-contact, RFID-coded safety switch with a compact design and includes Integrated RFID transponder technology and intelligence. This switch is available now from Mouser. This switch ensures maximum protection against tampering and outstanding safety. The switch offers compatible evaluation and SAC cabling along with cost-effective, comprehensive solution for flexible safety door and position monitoring. The device provides safe series connection of up to 30 sensors, comprehensive IO-link diagnostic information with the PSR-MC42 safety relay. The switch offers three encoding levels such as unicode sensor, multicode sensor, and fixcode sensor.

The unicode sensor allows one actuator and is taught through the commissioning. The multicode sensor takes all actuators and is not necessarily trained throughout commissioning. The fixcode sensor accepts a single actuator only and is taught while commissioning and is unable to accept further actuators.

By Natasha Shek