Capabilities of high current AC harmonic filter capacitors extended

16-01-2020 | New Yorker Electronics | Passives

New Yorker Electronics offers the newly enhanced Cornell Dubilier PC Series of AC Harmonic Filter Capacitors. The company has extended the abilities of the series, incorporating a new 85A RMS rating and many other enhancements.

This series has a dual protection system employing self-healing metallised polypropylene and a mechanical pressure interrupter to assure a safe open circuit mode in the event of overload or end of life.

Series improvements incorporate its UL recognised construction and internal pressure interrupter system. This internal system has passed rigorous UL testing to assure fail-open performance under high current fault conditions. The higher current ratings increase the capacitor’s capacity to handle the high levels of harmonic content met in inverter AC input and output filtering applications.

The CDE PC series is created with robust terminations and low ESR, to reduce heating. The service life objective of the series is 60,000 hours when run at full rated voltage and a case hot spot of 70C.

Typical applications include UPS, AC Tuned filters (harmonic reduction), AC Input filtering, and wind turbine motoring.

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