Buck LED drivers provide robust solutions for internal and exterior LED Lamps

03-01-2020 | Diodes Inc | Automotive & Transport

Diodes Incorporated offers the AL8843Q and AL8862Q automotive-compliant DC-DC buck converters, created for driving single LEDs and multiple LED strings on and in vehicles. Applications comprise daytime running lights, which many manufacturers now provide as standard, as well as turn lights, fog lights, and brake/stoplights.

With a supply voltage from 4.5V and to 40V (AL8862Q up to 55V), the AL8843Q and AL8862Q can endure even critical voltage variations, such as load dumps through low cranking or stop-start operation, with no suffering of any corresponding degradation in the LED drive current.

A high level of integration provides high performance while reducing the BoM. Both parts highlight an integrated power MOSFET: 40V/0.2Ohm for the AL8843Q and 55V/0.4Ohm for the AL8862Q. Furthermore, the devices offer hysteretic-mode buck LED driver control, which eases the feedback loop allowing engineers to achieve highly stable buck converter designs utilising only four external components.

The AL8843Q and AL8862Q in SO-8EP are qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 1, support PPAP documents, and are produced in IATF16949 certified facilities.

By Natasha Shek