Automotive network processors unlock the full potential of vehicle data

09-01-2020 | NXP | Automotive Technologies

NXP Semiconductors has released its new S32G vehicle network processors. These processors signal a notable turning point in the way vehicle architectures are created and implemented. As the latest offering from the company's S32 family of processors, the S32G processors facilitate the automotive industry shift to high-performance domain-based vehicle architectures and give reduced software complexity and enhanced security and safety. The processors’ primary role will be in service-oriented gateways helping to transform OEMs from carmakers into vehicle data-driven service providers with extended business opportunities.

Future generations of connected vehicles will need a notable shift in performance and security to give data-driven opportunities. The processors take automotive networking to a new level by securely controlling data transmission around the vehicle and protecting safety-critical applications from malicious intention. These processors are claimed to be the world’s first integration of traditional MCUs with high-performance application processors with ASIL D functional safety support, and network acceleration, presenting a significantly higher level of functionality than previously provided in a single device.

The device is not, however, only a network processor. Its unique blend of abilities allows it to support the latest ADAS applications, as well as producing safe and secure communication capabilities that significantly add to the total integration of the vehicle’s network. Bernhard Augustin, director ECU Development Autonomous Driving at Audi said: “We found the unique combination of networking, performance and safety features of the S32G processor to be ideal for use in our next-generation ADAS domain controller.”

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