Audio amplifier for use in battery-powered speaker and efficiency sensitive audio systems

14-01-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TAS5825P Audio Amplifier is a stereo high-efficiency closed-loop audio Class-D audio amplifier offering an advanced Hybrid-Pro algorithm. This algorithm enhances system efficiency and decreases heat with no clipping distortion.

This audio amplifier gives support for up to 4ms of delay buffer to look ahead at the audio signal and stop audio clipping distortion. The amplifier extends the runtime of 1S and 2S batteries by more than 50% while continuously playing music.

This amplifier supports multiple output configurations and gives superior integrated self-protection. The amplifier operates at -25C to 85C temperature range.

This audio amplifier is ideal for use in battery-powered speaker, soundbar or subwoofer, set-top box, Bluetooth speaker, and efficiency sensitive audio system.

By Natasha Shek