Advanced voice codec capability enables easy evaluation and development

15-01-2020 | CML Micro | Development Boards

CML Microcircuits has released the EV6550DHAT, a Raspberry Pi HAT-compatible evaluation and development board that offers the features and benefits of its CMX655D ultra-low-power voice codec to hobbyists, developers and product manufacturers.

The EV6550DHAT builds on the growing Raspberry Pi ecosystem by delivering the advanced characteristics of the CMX655D voice codec to the Raspberry Pi community.

The codec has been produced for digital voice and sensor applications. It combines the entire signal chain, from dual matched digital MEMS microphone interfaces to a 1W Class D speaker driver, including filtering, decimation, signal processing and digital gain, supported by an I2S/PCM audio interface and SPI control interface. It embodies a true single-chip, ultra-low-power solution to adding advanced voice coding/decoding to any application.

"The Raspberry Pi is the perfect platform to demonstrate the features and capabilities of the CMX655D with little or no development effort," commented David Brooke, product manager, CML Microcircuits. "The EV6550DHAT is our first HAT, and the entire team has been excited by the prospect of bringing advanced voice codec capability to the Pi."

By Natasha Shek