Fast common mode filters with integrated ESD protection for Super Speed USB

10-12-2019 | Nexperia | Subs & Systems

Nexperia now offers what they claim to be the market’s fastest common mode filter (choke)/ESD protection combination. The new PCMFxUSB3BA/C offers the industry’s widest differential passband of up to 10GHz 3dB frequency and a high surge robustness of up to 7.5A 8/20µs. It is intended to suppress common mode and single-ended noise while reducing the impact on the signal integrity of very fast data lines.

Developed to meet the demands of Super Speed USB applications, the new devices give effective one, two and three line pair protection (Tx +/-, Rx +/-, D +/-) and filtering. Validated for 10Gbps communications line protection, the filter’s system-level robustness surpasses the IEC 61000-4-2 level 4, suiting them for employment with sensitive SoCs. The solution also reduces reflections when compared to a discrete design. The integration of the company's TrEOS technology results in low clamping and high robustness. The filters extend the company's family of Common Mode Filters (PCMF devices), helping to optimise the decision between differential pass-band and common-mode rejection at signal fundamentals and higher harmonics.

Comments Stefan Seider, product manager, Nexperia: “Apart from their capability to reduce EMI, Common Mode Filters with ESD protection are also very popular for their efficiency in protecting sensitive transceivers: They add an impedance to the signal line pair, which is very small for differential signals but shows significant attenuation of common mode noise as well as single-ended transients such as ESD.”

The new PCMF filters are offered in very low-inductance, space-saving WLCSP packages. Devices are footprint-compatible with available ESD-only solutions for fast design changes.

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