DIP switches mechanism ensures high reliability

04-12-2019 | RS Components | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The Omron DIP Switch or dual in-line package switch, available now from RS Components, is a manual electrical switch packaged with other circuits to control the flow of electricity. The range comprises from 2 Way to 10 Way Through Hole DIP Switch with Piano Actuator and IP40.

The devices work simply with on or off switches on the DIP switch itself that tells electricity to flow through the switch once 'on' has been achieved.

This range features gold contacts on some models for high reliability and is a good replacement for jumpers. These units can vary with one through to 32 poles. Longer poles in some models save loading time in production. The devices can be modified by cutting the poles to the required level. They offer good service temperature ranges for all environments.

These switches are resistant to shock and vibrations in most models and provide excellent value for money.

Typical applications include PC expansion cards, arcade machines, automatic garage doors and many other industrial sectors.

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