Coaxial adapter expansion bridges technology gap

10-12-2019 | Amphenol | Subs & Systems

Amphenol RF has expanded its 12G broadcast portfolio to incorporate further between-series coaxial adapter configurations. These adapters streamline the integration within emerging and legacy technologies with no requirement for a substantial overhaul of any existing infrastructure.

In accordance with broadcast industry standards, the new adapters operate at 75Ohms and a frequency range of DC to 12GHz with superior return loss. All new between-series adapters offer the popular N-Type connector on one side paired with one of of the company's three 12G optimised product series on the other side – BNC, HD-BNC or MCX. The jack to jack and plug to jack configurations provide customers versatility in creating broadcast applications that were not previously available.

These adapters are constructed with brass, nickel-plated bodies and gold plated contacts to provide reliable electrical performance. As well as broadcast designs, these products are excellent for benchtop test and measurement applications.

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