Robust and rugged switches for the toughest demands

13-11-2019 | Foremost | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Foremost Electronics offers a broad variety of switching products from Elma Electronic. The company's switches are designed into aircraft, audio, construction, industrial automation, laboratory and test and measurement products.

The new X4 is a rotary switch created for the toughest conditions, offering an extremely robust rotary switch platform with an optional push-button function. The switch includes a unique magnetic, Hall effect (contactless) sensing system, to assure maximum ruggedness, reliability and life expectancy. The micro-controller-based circuitry provides absolute code (grey) with analogue and PWM, or encoder output.

The MR50 multi-functional rotary switch is a 0.5" selector switch created for portable outdoor devices, defence radios, aiming systems and vision devices, test and measurement equipment and instrumentation as well as aircraft cockpit applications. Just 0.5" in size, the device provides up to 16 switch positions, switching torques of up to 6Ncm, and runs either in shorting or non-shorting modes. With gold-plated contacts (3-micron gold), the switch protects up to IP68 and performs in operating temperature ranges from -45C to +85C.

Alan Vincent, sales director of Foremost Electronics, comments: "We have a very long-term relationship with Elma and a great understanding of their product range and applications. Elma switches are designed for high reliability and long lifetime, where other switches reach their performance limits is where Elma’s come into their own."

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