Industry-standard dual op-amps for cost-sensitive applications

28-11-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments Industry-Standard Dual Operational Amplifiers offer excellent value for cost-sensitive applications, with features comprising low offset (300µV typical), common-mode input range to ground, plus high differential input voltage capability. The Op-Amps ease circuit design with enhanced features including unity-gain stability, lower offset voltage of 3mV (maximum at room temperature), and lower quiescent current of 300µA per amplifier (typical).

The devices are ideal for many solutions including merchant network and server power supply units; multi-function printers; power supplies and mobile chargers; motor control: AC induction, brushed DC, brushless DC, high-voltage, low-voltage, permanent magnet, and stepper motor; desktop PC and motherboard; indoor and outdoor air conditioners; washers, dryers, and refrigerators; AC inverters, string inverters, central inverters, and voltage frequency drives; UPS; programmable logic controllers; and electronic point-of-sale systems.

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