High-accuracy overvoltage reset IC offered in small six-pin package

26-11-2019 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

Texas Instruments TPS3870-Q1 High-Accuracy Overvoltage Reset IC is an integrated OV monitor or reset IC in the industry’s smallest six-pin package. This highly accurate voltage supervisor is perfect for systems that operate on low-voltage supply rails and have narrow margin supply tolerances. Low threshold hysteresis prevents false reset signals when the monitored voltage supply is in its normal range of operation. Internal glitch immunity and noise filters additionally remove false resets resulting from erroneous signals.

The device does not need any external resistors for setting overvoltage reset thresholds. This feature further optimises overall accuracy, cost, solution size, and improve reliability for safety systems. The CT pin is employed to select between the two available reset time delays built into each device and also to alter the reset time delay by connecting a capacitor. A separate SENSE input pin and VDD pin permit the redundancy needed by high-reliability systems.

This device offers low typical quiescent current specification of 4.5µA (typical). The device is suitable for automotive applications and is qualified for AEC-Q100 Grade 1.

Typical applications include ADAS; cameras; sensor fusion; HEV/EV; FPGA, ASIC and DSP-based systems.

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