3D smart sensors now support OCR and barcode reading

29-11-2019 | LMI Technologies | Test & Measurement

LMI Technologies has released its Gocator 3D smart sensors which now support OCR and Barcode Reading. These vital machine vision abilities can be applied to a wide range of inspection applications where decoding characters or symbols are needed.

The Surface OCR tool identifies and extracts a string of text from surfaces, utilising either 3D height map scan data or 2D intensity scan data. The tool then adds a valuable ability for inspection applications that decode flat or embossed characters and symbols in markets including automotive (stamped parts), battery and packaging (track and trace), and rubber and tire sidewall (DOT-codes).

“The new OCR and barcode tools in Gocator offer customers an in-demand toolset for a range of industry applications and demonstrate the ease our 3D technology has in decoding both 2D and 3D markings. This capability adds many new use cases such as verifying stamped parts or loading job files based on part identifiers,” said Terry Arden, CEO, LMI Technologies.

The Surface Barcode tool is now offered in every Gocator 3D smart sensor, and the Surface OCR tool is provided on every GoMax.

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